About Humans of Mumbai

I have always been interested in people and have been shooting portraits in and around the streets of Mumbai city from a very long time, 2007 to be precise, I had titled the series "life continues”.

When 365 season II was about to end in February 2014, I knew there would be a vacuum of creative work. That is when a friend of mine from FB asked me "what next?", for which I really had no answer. She suggested that I should take a look at the amazing work of a photographer and theme he was working on. She thought that I would be perfect to attempt the same for Mumbai city after my 365 project completes. She shared with me "humansofnewyork.com" by photographer Brandon Stanton. I was amazed to see Mr. Brandon's work and the passion he has put into the theme from 2010, shooting 5 portraits a day which he still continues to do. I was elated to see that the theme "life continues" and "humansofnewyork" share the same emotions and expressions and also are very similar in content.

Immensely inspired by Internationally acclaimed Photographer's passion for his project ‘humansofnewyork’, I thought that I should continue the series of "life continues" but retitle it to "humansofmumbai”. ‘humansofmumbai' would be similar and dissimilar in many ways from humansofnewyork.

For me a Human of Mumbai could actually be anyone, someone known or a complete stranger .. I wont be following any bias of caste, creed, class, community or gender. Further, I have not time bound myself with this particular project as compared to the 365 project which has specifics to follow to upload one photograph everyday, to keep a balance between my commercial assignments and also passionately involve with HOM. Presently I have targeted 4 portraits/stories a month and yet not keeping any specific time span as the theme is so humongous that it has all the possibilities of going on for a long time.

It would be interesting & enriching experience for me, not only as a photographer but also as a human being to shoot portraits from all walks of life living here in Mumbai .. my amazing, beautiful & glorious city Mumbai.

So with utmost earnestness and straight from the heart .. I will try to capture the very essence of humansofmumbai i.e. Spirit of Mumbai reflected in them.

About Mumbai - India

Any city in any part of world thrives on the ‘spirit’ of the people who reside there and the entire world acknowledge this fact that Mumbai has that in abundance. From beautiful Bombay to a marvelous Mumbai, my city Mumbai gathers its strength from love, unity, progress, triumphs, victories, joys, jubilations and forge ahead in leaps and bounds braving all odds and adversities.

The city is home to thousands of inhabitants with different ethnicities, cultures, religions and backgrounds, making it a true melting pot of cultures, vigor and dynamism. So be it any class, caste or creed, the humans of Mumbai are chirpy, tireless lot who are streamlined for a fast paced life in the city.

Colloquially known as 'Mumbaikars' or 'Bombayites', the inhabitants of this city are hard-working, cultural, witty people who are passionate about their lives and are very approachable enabling them to live life to the fullest and work hard to make ends meet.

Victory or failure .. happiness or sadness .. ups and downs Mumbaites take it all in their stride and live life DILse.

About me

My name is Humayunn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada. I hail from two lovely states of India - Kudachi (Karnataka) & Madai (Kutch - Gujrarat). I reside in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I have been a model, and an actor as well, but have blurred the above vocations and have been focussing on photography. I love this art and have been of exploring and delving deep in every genre of it. Keeping this in mind and to keep my passion burning I attempted and have successfully completed two seasons of 365 project. At present I am a full fledged professional photographer specializing in tabletop | architecture | interior | portrait | events | 360 degree virtual panoramic photography.